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kulim, kedah, Malaysia
Name aku Schaz Zarul... But u can call me Apek,SAM or Shi.. aku stay at KULIM,KEDAH... Aku lahir pada 12 November.... Aku seorang yg Heppy sLalu... Aku nie x la hensem cnad...sweet tue ada lar..hahax...=) aku nie mudah utk bekawan...^_^ 난 널 사랑해.. 시,市

PeNgIkUt SeTiAkU....

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My Wishes....

If could I have 3 wishes,

I wouldn't wish for the star,the moon,the riches,and this life...
But for 25 hours a day,
8 day a week,
and 13 months a year to spend a longer time with you.... a img { border-radius:10px; border-width: 0; } img:hover { filter: alpha(opacity=70); opacity: .6; -webkit-transition: 0.5s; border-radius:10px; }

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