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Name aku Schaz Zarul... But u can call me Apek,SAM or Shi.. aku stay at KULIM,KEDAH... Aku lahir pada 12 November.... Aku seorang yg Heppy sLalu... Aku nie x la hensem cnad...sweet tue ada lar..hahax...=) aku nie mudah utk bekawan...^_^ 난 널 사랑해.. 시,市

PeNgIkUt SeTiAkU....

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

It Will Rain...

Bruno Mars - It Will Rain...
your fav songs,
when rain watered the earth,
it always remind me bout u..

When rain,
my body frozen,
i'm juz waiting you
to hug me..

If u want to know,
every single day im waiting for u,
like i've promise to u...
i'm lonely without u...
don't u know??

Every night when i call u,
your voice make me smile,
your word make me happy..
Please don't try to leave me,
If i lose u,
my world not shine anymore..

The last word i want u to know is,
i will waiting you...

#juz i, you n this songs... =)
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